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Cartridge Inkjet Printer Videos

Flamingo Labeller with U2 date coder

Flamingo Page N' Print on seafood carton bags

U2, U2+, 4inch Naro

Ink Checking Procedures

U2 Mobile printing on labels

Ink Handling Procedures

Prints On carton box Integrated with Carton Taper

Ernest Fleming ANSER-U2 Inkjet Printer Presentation


Inkjet Printer on Labeling machine

Page print on plastic bags demo

On carton box 1

determine on metal

Flamingo *new series* ‘Page and Print’ ( FPP-3000)

Page pring and Carton Taper Demo

U2Pro Printing Sample by NPX ink

Flamingo Special Edge Bag Labelling equipment integrated with U2 + SP2B

Flamingo Carton Taper with U2 Inkjet Printer printing Logo

U2Anser vs VideoJet

Anser U2 printer installed on vacuum page conveyor


clothing sizes

Flamingo Paging machine with U2 Inkjet Printer

Ernest Fleming ANSER U2 Handheld Inkjet Printer

WW Case Study Video 120920


Inkjet Printer on Box 1

On carton box 2 bulk ink


Flamingo Cartridge Inkjet Printing System - Blue & Green Ink Demonstration Video

Flamingo Flat Belt Conveyor with U2 pro batch coding

Flamingo Cartridge Inkjet Printing System - Demonstration Video

PP Tube



Flamingo Carton Taper with Printer

Flamingo Wrap around Labeller with U2Pro batch coder

U2Pro printing on Blue Label