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Testing and evaluation of product samples

We provide complimentary testing and evaluation services for prospective and existing customers. If you are unsure if a particular item will work for your application, need extra help in deciding what best suits your needs, or have an unusual product or requirement, send us samples of your products and/or packages for a no-cost evaluation:

1. Write: "Product Samples" on the shipping label

2. Include the following:

  • Samples (the number and types of necessary samples will depend on each particular application. Contact us before sending samples to ascertain what and how much will be required. Samples may be used up or damaged during testing).

  • Complete Company and Contact Information (specially phone number and e-mail address)

  • Name of our Sales Representative whom you contacted

  • Detailed information of your application, including:

    • required production speed,

    • package dimensions,

    • other relevant information you deem important.

  • A description, picture, or actual sample of what you are looking to achieve.

  • State if you are looking at a particular model or class of machines

  • Include a prepaid return shipping label if you wish to have samples returned.

3. Mail all packages to:

Ernest Fleming machinery & equipment PTY
7/27 Mars Road, Lane Cove West, NSW 2066, Australia


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