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Electrically Heated Jacketed Tank / Batch Pasteurizer 50L (HeatMix 50)

Model: HeatMix 50

Product Description

Flamingo jacketed electrically heated tanks are available as a standard model or can be fabricated to customer specification and request.

these vessels are heavy duty and designed to last. suitable for heating or cooling with simulations side-scrape agitation for even temperature distribution.

Available in #304 / #316 Stainless Steel and suitable for a vast range of applications in the food; chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Flamingo Electrically Heated Teflon side scrape mixing vessel

  • 1000L ( 2.5mm skin thickness/ 2.5mm jacket thickness)
  • Water/oil jacketed for electric heating with sight-glass
  • Cone bottom fully welded ( radius weld for hygienic application)
  • Slow speed Gate stirrer with side and bottom Teflon scrapers (variable speed is available)
  • Twin split removable Lids
  • Safety Grids for safety and easy loading of materials.
  • Removable heating elements
  • Thermostat and Temperature controls, Corresponding thermo-controlls to ensure accurate   ( inside material) temperature stability ( enquire for more information)
  • Dual-method agitator-gate removal for easy cleaning.
  • 2” bottom outlet (or too customer request)
  • 300mm Height off ground (or too customer request)
  • 1.0kW-4kW CMG motor with Right-angle Gearbox
  • 415V, 50hz

Please enquire to obtain a better idea of operation or to specify your electrical requirements prior to order.

Standard 500L units draw approximately 20 amps per phase. Heating elements can be selected.
  • All grade #304 Stainless Steel
  • 2′ – 2.5′ Cone bottom outlet
  • Slow speed gate strirrer
  • Bottom & side Teflon side scrapers
  • Water Jacketed (2.5mm thick)
  • CMG Mator drive with slow speed gearbox
  • Twin Split Lids


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