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Compact Ribbon Blender 100L-1000L

Flamingo Ribbon blenders will blend chemicals, dry goods, salts, sugars, baking products, spices, seasoning, stockfeed & salads.
Model: EF-RB/C

Product Description

This spiral mixer requires only a small area but can handle large loads. It consists of a container, helix mixing blades and flamingo engineered transmission parts. The helix blades are in two or three tiers. The outer helix will move the material from its two sides to the central part, while the inner helix will transfer the material to the two sides, performing a kind of convection mixing.

This spiral mixer is generally used in mixing powders. Also suitable  adhesive or cohesive powders  granules and mixing processes in which liquid and pasty materials are added.

The 2014 Flamingo Compact series introduces a wide range of benefits for the food and pharmaceutical processing industries. This unit has been specifically designed for:

Hygienic design Fully Stainless Steel #304  or #316 contact parts

  • Easy storage and mobility
  • Safe and operator friendly
  • Easy cleaning and access to internal components
  • Extremely heavy-duty solid stainless framework #304 Matt or polished
  • Transmission designed for easy maintenance.
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  • Flamingo Heavy Duty  / Fully stainless Steel #304
  • Fully Stainless  Steel#304 ( or 316 to special order) heavy Duty Double Helix Ribbon with close tolerance and sold shaft.
  •  lid with safety mesh safety grid and central loading hatch
  • Flamingo Design Air Purge Seals and split seals for easy cleaning and low maintenance
  • Solid Teflon initial Seal
  • Heavy Duty #304 Fully Stainless steel frame
  • Operator friendly and easy to clean
  • Control box forward start reverse and timer
  • Automatic Pneumatic Discharge Valve or manual discharge outlet
  • Siemens motor
  • Provisions to remove Ribbon for routine cleaning
  • Mobile on heavy duty castor wheels.
  • IP65 Electrical control Box with timer/ forward/start/ E-STOP


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