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Quick-Mix Liquidator

Flamingo Quick-Mix Liquidator for the incorporation of powders into a liquid. Powder liquid mixing, Powder induction, Powder addition.
Model: EF-QML

Product Description

The Flamingo Quick-Mix is very effective where the addition of solids is required. The process involves the simple addition of powders to a continuous liquid stream. The introduction of the powder is directly into the high shear zone of the Quick-Mix and thus avoids prior contact with the liquid phase which may create “fish eyes” of partially wetted material. The instant dispersion of the solids into the liquid through a screen (changeable) creates a homogeneous product. The product can then be recirculated via a holding tank to ensure that the whole batch is identical. The Quick-Mix can then be used as a pump to transfer the finished product to a holding tank.



  • All wetted parts grade 316 stainless steel
  • Australian design & manufacture
  • External seal for sanitary operation
  • Hygienic design
  • TEFC motors 415 volt 3 phase/Ex’e’
  • Choice of screens
  • Hygenic quick opening for easy cleaning, no tools required for dismantling
  • Three machines in one, powder inductor, emulsifier and centrifugal pump
  • Low cost, high efficiency



Model/KW Inlet Outlet
NQMV/4.0 38 mm 32 mm
NQMV/5.5 38 mm 32 mm
NQMV/7.5 50 mm 50 mm


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