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Lobe Pumps

Flamingo Lobe Pumps
Model: EF-LP

Product Description

  • Liquid port size of inlet and outlet
  • (horizontal type)
  • 1 inch (25mm)
  • Stand. Connection type Clamp
  • Seal type Mechanical seal
  • Displacement per 100 rev. 3L
  • Contact material SS316
  • Rotor type Tri-lobe rotor


Driving information

  • » Driving type Geared motor variable speed
  • » Suggested output rpm of geared motor ( too customer spec)
  • » Flow rate (Too customer spec)


Additional information

  • » Base plate of pump Stainless steel
  • » spare parts attached with pump Clamp fittings, O-rings
  • » Wearing parts (recommended to buy additionally) Mechanical seal


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