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Valve Bag Filler

Model: EF-VBF

Product Description

This packaging machine was designed to national GMP standard. Weighing and filling can be done automatically. The machine is suitable for packaging powder products. Example: milk powder, feed, rice powder, icing sugar, coffee, monosodium glutamate, solid beverage, solid medication etc.

Cleaning Materials:

The auger can been taken out firsthand and weight box can been opened to clear out excess products



  • Valve bag is directly weighted, after weighting together with the product, turn automatic on as the gross weight is the weighing weight.
  • Double auger feedings and dust extraction device is provided
  • Vibrating hopper for sticky products to avoid of blocking
  • Double weight sensor provides high sensitivity.


  • The machine material is stainless steel(excluding motor, clydiner, electrical components and pneumatic components)
  • The contact material is all Stainless #304
  • The machine is designed to National GMP standard
  • Filling style ? weight(valve bag weighing and filling machine)
  • Feeding mode: double auger feeding
  • Weight range: 2~50kg
  • Packing accuracy: ?±0.3%
  • Packing speed ? ?2bags/min
  • Power ? three phase 80V 50 ? 60Hz
  • Total power ? 0.81KW
  • Total weight: 240kg


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