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Powder and Granule Auger Screw Transfer Conveyor (AugerFeed1800)

Flamingo Elevated Auger Conveyor, The Auger Conveyor is suitable for transferring powders. This style of conveyor is ideal for conveying powders to a raised discharge point. Available from 1850mm- 4000mm discharge transfer Height off-ground
Model: AugerFeed 1800

Product Description

Flamingo Easy Clean Design – Auger Transfer Conveyors assist you to automate the filling and topping-up process by elevating in bulk powder and granule product,
reducing them into a controlled stream, and automatically feeding them into an existing fillers.
Rugged Stainless Steel construction. Includes system to integrate with auger filler and weigh filler.
Ideal for using along with our powder auger filling machines, however its use is not limited to this particular application alone.
The Auger Conveyors are widely used in industrial environments. This particular model is equipped with a proximity sensor to integrate with the other machines to pause and continue.


  • Equipped with casters with brakes for ease moving of the complete machine.
  • Equipped with proximity switch to integrate with dispenser machine
  • Removable end flange provided to remove product in case of a product Jam.


  • Hopper Diameter: 980 mm
  • Hopper Exit opening diameter: 140 mm
  • Hopper Height: 920 mm
  • Capacity: 120 L

Screw Tube:

  • 2.35 m long
  • 45 degree angle
  • 4 Inch diameter

Other Features

  • Supplied with Stainless Steel Split lid and Grate
  • Flamingo Easy Clean Design
  • Power: 240V 50Hz 10 amp ( 415V 50Hz )
  • Fully stainless steel #304
  • Quick release tri-clover clamp internal screw ‘ easy clean’ Auger
  • Reverse Discharge Hatch ( for emptying products in reverse)
  • SEW Variable Speed Controller feed screw
  • Single speed Vibrator
  • SEW VSD for vibrator intensity and feed speed (additional)
  • Safety Grid for loading hopper
  • Easy clean quick release

Control Panel:

  • IP65 stainless steel #304 control box
  • Power On/Off Indicator Lights
  • Start Push Button
  • Stop Push Button
  • Emergency Stop Push Button
  • Reset Push Button
  • Auto/Manual mode Selector button (Integrated with the proximity sensor provided with the machine)
  • Auger Forward and Reverse mode Selector button
  • Transfer Speed regulator knob
  • Vibratory On/Off Button
  • Vibration Rate regulator knob

Additional information

Weight 130 kg
Capacity 3/5 cubic metre /hour
Hopper Cubage 120L- 3000L
Conveyor Height 1.8 (other height optional)
Motor Power 930W
Power 380V-415V/50-60Hz
Related Industries All Industries, Coffee, Food & Beverage, General Packaging, Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical


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