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Gear Pump Filler In-Line 4 Nozzle (AutoDigi 4H)

Model: AutoDigi 4H

Product Description

The machine is designed for overseas export, the actual used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, cosmetics, agriculture and other industries. Such as fruit and vegetable drinks, milk, acetone, glutaraldehyde, shampoo and so on.


  1. The AutoDigi uses a gear pump concept as a metering device to fill correct amounts of gels or liquids into containers.
  2. The volume speed the time between of filling can be designed .
  3. Each filling can be fast first and slow later, bubble can be eliminated.
  4. Human interface is achieved using a combined keypad and LCD display configuration.
  5. 20 sizes data can be stored.
  6. Pump unit easily dismantled for cleaning.
  7. Can be extend to use in conveyor on line.

Standard Accessories

Main Machine EFSM200 4 sets
L 2.4m*W 0.1m Conveyor 1 set
Online control cabinet 1 set
Stroke 50mm Lead screw hoisting appliance 1 set

Line width corresponding to the maximum outside diameter of 200mm can bottle, simple handle design, you can quickly correspond to different sizes of bottles produced.



Additional information

Weight 160 kg
Dimensions 240 x 80 x 130 mm
Volume 10ml~11000ml
Accuracy 0.5-1%
Filling Speed 100ml 60P/min 300ml 45P/min 1000ml 26P/min
Conveyor Width 80mm 200mm


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