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Flamingo Automatic Double Side and Wrap around Label Applicator (LabelMax T600)

The Flamingo Semi-automatic Bench Top Label coder is perfect for PET bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles and metal bottles.
Model: LabelMax T600

Product Description

New Flamingo Twin side Multi-functional Labeling Machine is in stock and available now.

For automatic labeling on any shape bottles for the pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, food & beverages industries.
The labeller will automatically detects the label size and bottle diameter and set the appropriate labeling parameters – a very useful feature for users with multiple products to label.
It is an optimal combination of speed, accuracy, stability, GMP standards, ease of use, and flexibility.
Backed by a strong engineering team who is ready to provide custom solutions for the unique production needs of different customers.

  • Wide range of capabilities: Applies one or two pressure sensitive (self-adhesive) labels onto round, oval, and flat containers
  • Applies partial and wraparound labels
  • Maximum Label Length 300 mm
  • Maximum Label Height 150 mm
  • Container diameter range: 20 – 150 mm Ø
  • Maximum container height: 400 mm
  • Labeling speed: 60 -180 lpm (depending on label length)
  • Machine includes a 2.2 meter long speed-adjustable conveyor for products of up to 150 mm wide, equipped with rust-proof plastic flat-top chain
  • Equipped with speed adjustable container separation module integrated with the labeling system to assure correct bottle entry timing
  • Equipped with synchronized container top conveyor, to achieve absolute product stability by gripping the crown of the container
  • Dual labeling modules each driven by stepper motors, while four AC motors drive remaining systems
  • Equipped with speed adjustable wraparound label module for 360° perimeter application

Available Options:

Label width 10-150mm
Label length 10-300mm
Labeling speed  0-6000 bottles/hour
Labeling accuracy ±1mm
Bottle Diameter below 180mm
Power supply 450W , 380V,50Hz/60Hz 3Phase
Label reel inner diameter 75mm
Label reel outer diameter 360mm
Control system  Japanese Mitsubishi PLC (programmed by Flamingo)
User Interface Flamingo Design Easy Operate HMI (programmed and designed by Flamingo)
Warranty 12 months

Designed engineered and programmed in Australia.

Available Options:

  • Hot Stamp Printing coder with base (prints characters directly onto the label)
  • Fully integrated U2 inkjet Printing coder with mounting (prints characters directly onto the label, or container)
  • Clear Label Luize Sensors (capable of detecting transparent labels)

Additional information

Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 2500 x 1400 x 1550 mm
Label Accuracy ±1mm
Label Speed ≤50pcs/min
Label Roll Inner Diameter 75mm
Max Label Roll Out Diameter 300mm
Products Size 650(L)×450(W)×450(H)mm
Wide of Label width: 8-150mm / length:15-210mm


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