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Bench-top Bottle Label Applicator (LabelMax R50)

The Flamingo Semi-automatic Bench Top Label coder is perfect for PET bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles and metal bottles.
Model: LabelMax R50

Product Description

This machine use to label on the PET bottle, plastic bottle, glass bottle and metal bottle. It is widely use for foodstuff, beverage, rice and oil, medicine, daily and chemical filed. This machine improve label speed and label quality.

Intelligent high-accuracy magic eye and high reliable computer chip control the label and the case, label, using rubber rollers


  • Rugged stainless steel and aluminum chassis.
  • Table top model, mounted on anti-slip rubber stands.
  • Optical sensor automatically senses the label length
  • Bottle Positioning Guide (Removable if desired)
  • Equipped with a Foot Pedal Switch
  • Movable arm to provide additional support on top of bottle or container being labeled.
  • Adjustable Base rollers to hold a wide range of bottle diameter.
  • Extremely easy to operate.

Available Options:

  • Hot Stamp Printing coder with base (prints characters directly onto the label)
  • Fully integrated U2 inkjet Printing coder with mounting (prints characters directly onto the label, or container)
  • Clear Label Luize Sensors (capable of detecting transparent labels)


Efficiency ≤50 pcs/min
Precision ±1mm
Applicable Bottles of Diameter Φ10-150mm
Label Roll external: 300mm / inner:75mm
Label Size width: 8-150mm / length:15-210mm
Power Supply 220 V,50HZ 120W
Machine Size 650(L)×450(W)×450(H)mm
Machine Weighs 20kg

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 65 x 45 x 70 mm
Label Accuracy ±1mm
Label Speed ≤50pcs/min
Label Roll Inner Diameter 75mm
Max Label Roll Out Diameter 300mm
Products Size 650(L)×450(W)×450(H)mm
Wide of Label width: 8-150mm / length:15-210mm


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