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Bag In Box Filler

The model Bag In Box Filler (automatic, semi-automatic) can complete pulling out the tab, vacuum pumping, quantitative filling and pressing the tap in place and therefore enjoys a high level of automation
Model: EF-F/BIB

Product Description

It employs a lobe pump which acts on programmed revolutions resulting in high filling precision  of a wide range of various products from water too thick chunky tomato sauce. This unit is user friendly and easy to use and set up.

With our new pumping technology and innovation; the bag in box machine is re-mastered by giving operators the ability to adjust the filling quantity an extremely wide range of free flowing liquids to  viscous materials with particulates.

It can be widely used in bag-in-box filling applications for such liquid materials as wine, various type of edible oil, fruit juice, additives, milk, syrup, alcoholic beverages and concentrated seasonings.

Best of all this unit is easy to clean with quick release triclover fittings and detachable hoses


Materials quality guarantee:

  1. Fabricated with quality stainless steel; all tubing contacting the material is made of 304# stainless steel and food grade plastic tubes, which helps realize cleaning in place (CIP) and comply with hygienic standards for food;
  2. It enables completion of multiple process steps at one operating position, including pulling out the tap, vacuum pumping, quantitative filling, pressing the tap in place, and others, and thereby enjoys ease of operation; and additionally hand-filling nozzle applications
  3. Utilizing new technology the EF-L-BIB will fill with precision @ high speed and allows for easy and convenient cleaning and filling volume adjustment


  • New lobe pumping technology integrated into a digital PLC touch screen interface.
  • Our EF-L-BIB will now be supplied with a hand active filling trigger nozzle (if you wish to use the name machine for multi-task; such as lining up bottles on a pallet and filling)

Our EF-L-BIB consists of a stainless steel frame, an electric control system, an uncapping/capping system, a quantitative filling system, and a vacuum-lobe pumping system.

Additional information

Filling quantity range 1-30 L
Filling precision ±0.5%
Filling speed 160-180 bags/hour (when filling 5L bags)
Material entrance pressure 0.3-0.35 Mpa
Power 0.38KW
Air consumption 0.2 m3/min
Operating pressure 0.4-0.6 MPA


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