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Automatic Auger Filler (Powderfill Pro Auto)

Automatic Filling for Powders in the Food and Chemical Industries. Available as a Standalone or Benchtop Unit, designed by Flamingo Products in Australia
Model: Powderfill Pro Auto

Product Description

Auger Powder Filling Equipment Fully Automatic

  • Stainless Steel Grade 304 and Synthetic Material contact parts: conforming to the GMP suitable for food, pharmaceutical or chemical applications,
  • PLC touch screen and interface: Filling is  volumetric and is  precise provided the product is consistent, The Volume can be set up relative to the weight of the product.
  • Convenient and easy to operate. Servo motor-driven: giving a high precision, high torque and adjustable rotational (dispersion) speed. Standard machine is 240 Volt 50 Hz.
  • The Auger Filler can be upgraded to fill by Weight if required
  • Can also be supplied as a fully Automatic Volumetric Filling Line
  • Easy cleaning
  • Engineered and supplied in accordance to Australian operator safety.

Drop-out hopper arrangement for easy wash down/ changeover

Easy to adjust and select desired filling volume

  • Machine is completely S.S #304 contact
  • Memory setting for up to 20 presets desired filling weights.
  • Operator friendly Digital Touchscreen PLC interface
  • Foodstuff, pharmaceutical and agricultural products etc.
  • Depending on filling volume you will fill approximately 30-40 per minute
  • Packing volume: 2g-5000g (this unit is also suitable for up-too 25kg)
  • Packing speed: depending on operator speed and filling volume,
  • packing accuracy: +/- 1%. Speed and accuracy depend on size of the Auger used.
  • voltage: AC240V requires air
  • weight: 180kg


The EFAAF Auger Filler also includes:

  • Speed Control: low noise, ease of use.
  • Packaging volume easily adjusted or re-programmed.
  • Can be modified to a Weigh Filler controlling the Auger Filler by weight.
  • 10 Program parameters for product can be stored for later use.
  • With automatic feeding the level in feed hopper can be controlled.
  • By changing the Auger for different product and volume a wide range of products can be handled.

Additional information

Weight 260 kg
Dimensions 2050 x 800 x 1200 mm
Metering mode Volumetric filling by rotating Auger Screw, can be related to the weight.
Packaging weight 10-5000 gram (auger screw and tube can easily be changed)
Weighing range 1-6000g (Resolution 1g)
Packaging rate 10-50bags/min
Total power 1.8KW


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