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Anser U2 Mobile

Anser U2 Mobile (Handheld Cartridge Inkjet Printer); most compact mobile printer. It's Ultra portable, lightweight and easy to operate, low maintenance.
Model: EF-AU2M

Product Description

Installation is quick and simple, just “Plug & Print”, no experience necessary. You can be up and running within 30 minute from out of the box to on the production line. This printer is capable of applying high quality text, logos, and bar codes to your packages. Message-Pro™ Software, included with the printer, makes formulating your company’s message fast and easy.

Capable of storing up to 999 messages with font variation and line heights. The Flamingo Series cartridge printers come equipped with the latest Hewlett-Packard Print Technology, ensuring excellent high resolution printing of alphanumeric images and bar codes. Maintenance Free Reducing downtime cost has never been so easy. The Flamingo Cartridge Printer will provide you with printers that do not require any print head service and are as simple to maintain as your standard office printer. The new “hot-swap” technology allows for switching from porous substrate ink to non-porous substrate ink without turning off the printer and less than 5 minutes of down time.



1Ultra Lightweight
The lightest mobile printer, weighting only 1 kg (2.21 lb)
7Full-Color large LCD Display
2.8 inch color LCD with LED backlit screen
2All in ONE box
One tiny box with all the accessories you will ever need: mobile, remote keypad, 2 high capacity rechargeable batteries, battery charger, SD card & card reader
8SD card slot design
Easy software upgrade and data backup
3Ultra Portable
Capable of printing anywhere, at any angle, without ink leakage
Ink cartridge design with no maintenance and downtime costs
5Long Lasting Battery
7 Hours of continuous printing with more than 200,000 characters
10600 dpi
2X the resolution for printing crisp & precise HD barcodes.
6Remote Keypad
Pocket-size remote keypad with user-friendly operation
11More ink selections
Now you can print onto a variety of substrates using new inkfinity ink family





P Series inks:

Diesel 420 BIS is the newest addition to P Series ink solutions. When compared to our P1 ink, you can expect 4x darker image, incredible long decap time and enhanced printing resolution allowing you to print clear and readable text/barcodes on porous substrates.

P1 is a dye-based ink that performs well on basic porous substrates. It comes with red, blue and green colors.


SP Series inks:

SP4 is a dye-based ink that prints 4x darker than our P1 ink. This ink provides remarkable decap time, while maintaining excelling print quality and dark printing resolution on various semi-porous substrates.

SP2B is a specialized dye-based ink that was designed to perform on varnished substrates.

SP2C is a specialized dye-based ink that was designed to perform well on difficult substrate such as hot PVC substrates.

NP Series inks:

NP4 is the latest addition to our NP Series ink solutions. This solvent-based ink is capable of providing good permanence on a wide range of non-porous substrates. When compared to our NP3 ink, you can expect an impressive decap time, darker optical density, shorter drying time of less than 3 seconds, and improved adhesion to various non-porous substrates. Such as copper paper, PP (synthetic paper), golden cardboard, aluminum coated, PP, PVS, PC, OPP, PET, and APET.

NP3 is a solvent-based ink that performs well on various non-porous substrates.


HD Barcode
Plastic Card
Inner Package
Outer Package
Print & Apply
PVC pipe


Encoder Kit Provide high print quality on unstable conveyor 4 (2)
Photocell Kit Provide more reliable and precise sensing parameter 4 (1)


All equipment – 12 months (excluding consumable parts)

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